Season Two

Dylan Brady is on top of the world with a thriving business and hot romance. But our unsuspecting hero is being targeted by a secret society hell-bent on bringing down Winnipeg.

Wind City Season Two



Dylan Brady
Adam Hurtig
Kate Brady
Rebecca Gibson
Sarah Constible
Sam Fortier
Kyle Nobess
Krystle Snow
Jorge Requena Ramos
Duke Ward
Karl Thordarson
Loni Chase
Trish Cooper
Olivia Brady
Abbey Thickson
Olie Alto
Young Dylan
Logan Creran
Young Julia
Cooper Vint

Special Appearances

Eirik Bardal

Richard Rosin

Klaus Lahr

Doug Harvey

Gail Asper


Chris McIvor

Jeff Peeler

Paul Vieira

Executive Producers

Wayne Sheldon
Jamie Brown

Created by

Paul Vieira

Directed by

Darren Wall

Written by

Paul Vieira
Rebecca Gibson

Story Editors

Sarah Constible
Trish Cooper

Script Consultants

John Titley
Bill Stewart

Production Crew

Associate Producer
Juliette Hagopian
Production Coordinator
Andrew Harrison
1st Assistant Director
Ronaldo Nacionales
2nd Assistant Director
Dustin Courchene
Director of Photography
João Holowka
Camera Operator
Stephan Recksiedler
1st Assistant Camera
Terry Sliva
B Camera
Chris McIvor
Lorne Bailey
Key Grip
Conroy Finnigan
Grip/LX Swing
Bruce Claydon
Grip/LX Swing
Robert Cortez
Sound Mixer
Danny Chodirker
Trainee LX
Tristan Rogers
Production Designer
Gord Wilding
Art Department Assistant
Crystal Stark
Script Supervisor
Shira Newman
Costume Designer
Eleanor Theissen
Wardrobe Assistant
Amanda Emms
Key Hair Stylist
Travis Marszalek
Key Make-Up Artist
Sarah Brooker
Lori Stefaniuk
Casting Assistant
Patricia Kress
Extra Wrangler
Avery Martin
Extra Wrangler
Tess Gebel
Michelle Walker
Project Manager
Dave Kornas
Meriel Bond
Picture Vehicle Corrdinator
Ron Jennings
Darren Wall
John Titley
Andrew Shire
Bill Stewart
Visual Effects
Darren Wall
Denise Maitan
Sound Engineer
Anita Lubosch
Paul Popeski Law Office
Multimedia Risk
Consultants & Brokers

Special Thanks to

Klaus Lahr, Doug Harvey, Gail Asper, Ida Albo, Eirik Bardal, David Chizda, Karen Ilchena, Harry Dornn, Alessandra Conicella, Richard Rosin, Mark Chipman, Dorian Morphy, Brittney Winter, Chantal Sturk-Nadeau, Laura Saj, Cody Chomiak, Kevin Hunter, Katherine Kosowan, Kim Jasper, Christian Robin, Kevin Hunter, Rob Kennedy, Karen Glennie, Todd Miclash, Marianne Palmer, Don Leitch, Kyle Sierens, Frank Albo, Cal Harrison, Glen Buhler, Steve Kroft, Tim Jones of PIPE & HAT, Rob Macklin, Carole Vivier, Louise O’Brien-Moran, Sebastien Nasse, Monique Perro and Kenny Boyce.

The City of Winnipeg Film and Special Events Office


Opening title song
“Admit” by Quinzy
Featuring music by
The Bokononists
Mise en Scene
Sc Mira
The Revival
The Mariachi Ghost
Music from

Produced with the support of

RBC Convention Centre
The FortGarry
Neil Bardal Funeral Center

Gail Asper & Michael Paterson

In Partnership with

True North Sports & Entertainment
Tourism Winnipeg & Team Winnipeg
Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Assiniboine Park Conservancy
Shark Gaming Centre
Red River College
Manitoba Executive Group
Controlled Environments Limited

Produced with the Participation of

The Government of Manitoba
Gov MB
Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit

Produced By


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